Monday, October 17, 2005

Community Monthly Meeting (Hamilton County)

Community Monthly Meeting
(Member of both Friends United Meeting & Friends General Conference,
Wilmington Yearly Meeting
& Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting, and,
Miami-Center Quarter of WYM and Miami Quarter of OVYM)
3960 Winding Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229
  • 1953 ~ A group of Friends who had been meeting with Cincinnati Friends Meeting on Eden Avenue and were interested in taking part in a more active way in social issues, began to meet for worship separately at the Williams YMCA and affiliated with the "Lake Erie Association". Soon they adopted the name "East Cincinnati Friends Meeting" and affiliated with the "Friends Fellowship Council."
  • 1955 ~ The group is recognized by the Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) and they relocate to the "Cerebral Palsy Center".
  • 1959 ~ East Cincinnati Monthly Meeting becomes a part of Indian Yearly Meeting (Friends General Conference). I.Y.M (FGC) later is renamed "Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting". They re-locate on Dexter Avenue.
  • 1959~ Cincinnati Friends Meeting decides to move out of Cincinnati proper. Some family want to stay and minister to the local neighborhood in the inner city. These 15 family form "Seven Hills Monthly Meeting".
  • 1960 ~ "Seven Hills" affiliates with Wilmington Yearly Meeting (FUM).
  • 1962 ~ East Cincinnati Meeting (FUM) and Seven Hills Monthly Meeting (FGC) begin to share the same space. They continue this for three years.
  • 1968 ~ The two meetings officially unite as "Community Monthly Meeting." The united meeting moved into a new property on Winding Way.

Community Monthly Meeting is a graphic example of the healing of the old Hicksite Separation of 1828. The two major streams of American Quakerism caused by that division are reconciled and those issues of old are not pertinent to the world today.


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